Children’s Frames

Cute and sturdy; our children’s line of glasses come in a wide range of styles and colors guaranteed to match your child’s unique personality and last through normal wear and tear.

◦ Capri features sleek designs for school aged children who prefer a more subtle frame. These particular frames are perfect for the kids who want just a pop of color or a more mature look.

◦ Trendy has everything from a pop of color for the child who wants a more subtle look. To cute smaller frames in bright colors for the younger children who need something a little more durable.

◦ Mira Flex is amazing for younger, active children who have a hard time keeping their glasses in place and intact while playing or reading. The frame is made out of a super soft, flexible material with an adjustable strap on the back to ensure maximum comfort.

◦ Disney features everyone’s beloved characters inspiring fashionable designs. From Frozen to Cars, we’re sure to have your child’s favorite.