Our Optometric Doctor

“I could have had LASIK done for free, but I still chose CRT for my eyes.  Since 2004, my dry eyes improved, this was when I started CRT as well”

Leslie Chen, O.D.


Dr. Chen has suffered from dry eyes and is moderately myopic with astigmatism. With a wealth of knowledge in LASIK, she chose a non-surgical vision correction also known as CRT for herself.  Dr. Chen’s personal and clinical experience with CRT and LASIK can make sure that you choose the most appropriate vision correction for yourself.

Dr. Chen is board certified in treatment and management of glaucoma thorough a two-year glaucoma fellowship.  She focuses on dry eye treatments and other ocular diseases.  Dr. Chen has dedicated most of her career to refractive surgery and CRT, working with thousands of patients to have their life style and vision improved. She operated multiple laser platforms, including the NASA-recognized LADARVision, Wavelight Allegretto, and Visx Star4 in both Northern California and here in San Diego.

Dr. Chen graduated from the University of California, Irvine, where she received a bachelors in biological sciences. She then attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2001 and trained at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia. She studied with world renowned eye physicians, and eye surgeons.

As part of her specialized training, Dr. Chen was stationed in Bethel, Alaska of the Indian Health Services.  She flew from village to village treating eye diseases/disorders of the native Yupik people.  This rigorous training also taught her much more on wilderness and survivor-ship in the cold climate.

Dr. Chen grew-up in San Diego.  She worked in the Naval Medical Center of San Diego in 2003 and 2004 to care for our military members and their families.

After completing her second bachelor’s degree in vision science and O.D. degree, Dr. Chen continued to practice in the San Francisco and the Bay Area.  She then began a two year fellowship working along with glaucoma specialists, and LASIK surgery centers.  She became Board Certified for Lacrimal Irrigation and Dilation procedures as well as managing Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.  This is the highest achievement possible in the State of California.  She is currently a consultant for a nationwide LASIK surgery center in San Diego.

Dr. Chen is a member of:

San Diego Optometric Association http://sdcos.org/

California Optometric Association http://www.coavision.org/

American Optometric Association  http://www.aoa.org/