Patient Testimonials

Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied CRT patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care. Not everyone is a candidate for CRT and the key to success is a careful screening. Individual results can vary and at Eye Studio we take great pride in caring for our patients.


Dr. Chen is amazing with kids. I brought my daughter in for an eye exam and the whole staff at Eye Studio made it a very pleasant experience. The staff was patient and had a calm demeanor. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that needs an eye exam, especially if you have a little one.

Andy L. Chula Vista, CA

My son is eight years old, and he does not like to wear his glasses.  I know he needs them.   I took him to Dr. Chen (referred from a friend) for CRT.  I am amazed and my son is amazed that he is 20/20 the next day.  At eight  years old, of course I am concerned about his ability  to taking care of his CRT lenses.  The follow-up visits with Dr. Chen pretty much took all the worries and work off my hands.  At the beginning I insisted on putting his lenses in his eye and removing them for him in the morning, but Dr. Chen’s rich experience with CRT and children deterred me from getting involved  in touching the lenses at all.   I am so thankful, that my son does it all by himself.

-Doris C.  Carlsbad, CA

My experience with Dr. Chen ( I call her Leslie, she is a long time college friend) .   I know she has been wearing these CRT lenses herself for a few years already, so I was convinced and willing to give it a try.  Man was I happy I did this!  She did tell me what to expect from the beginning.  There were no surprises and unlike surgery nothing to be nervous about.  I just wish I did this sooner.

-Christine N.  Redondo Beach, CA

I met Dr. Chen at LASIK Plus a laser surgery center, after all the measurements and scans were taken, Dr. Chen came in the room and told me that I am not a candidate for LASIK.  She did mention that it would be unsafe for my eyes because the wall of my eyes were too thin.  She then mentioned this alternative and I now got my vision for far at near even at 70 years-old

-Gary  S.  San Diego, CA

Thank you for prescribing me the CRT,  I am very happy with your care.  The procedure truly was painless and very amazing.  I can now just wake-up in the morning, take off the lenses, and wear different kinds of sunglasses as I wish, without having to get prescription glasses!  I am so glad to hear about this alternative to LASIK.  I feel like it was 12 years ago when I had 20/20 vision!   I would also like to express my appreciation of your dedication throughout the first visits.  You took the time to find the perfect fit  for my eyes, and the accurate prescription for my needs.  I am very happy with your service.  This is worth every dime.  I hope many more people will gets this opportunity to experience this amazing, non-invasive procedure.  A great alternative to LASIK :)

-Khiem Luu.  Pharm. D. San Diego

DON’T judge a book by its cover, the outside looks a little dreaded and can be a bit intimidating but once you get past all that you will NOT regret putting your eyeballs in the hands of Dr. Chen and her staff… These folks are wonderful and very confident in there work.  I called on a Tuesday and was able to get in on the upcoming Saturday.They are open Saturdays by appointment only, which is just way to convenient. While doing the exam Dr. Chen explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and follow… They have a very good selection of frames for women, men and children and all within a very reasonable price range.
I will definitely be back next year for my follow up visit.

-Crystal R. San Diego, CA

Dr. Chen is amazing.  She’s super easy-going and when I called to make an appointment, I gave her my insurance information and she said not to worry everything should be covered.  I showed up, got the eye exam done and got contact prescriptions that work well.
She billed my insurance.  My insurance declined it, because that’s what insurance companies do.  What Dr. Chen did was to stick to her words and deal with them by herself.  She eventually got them pay for the bill, and this was without me involved at all.  I respect her responsibility!

-Takaki K.  San Diego, CA