Are you accepting New Patients?
– Yes, the doctor is always welcoming new patient’s.

Do you speak Spanish? Vietnamese? Chinese?
– Yes, we have staff that can translate in Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese, although it is also a good idea to bring in your own translator when able to, as sometimes translators are not available.

How long does an eye exam normally take?
– An eye exam can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the condition of your eyes. Our doctor not only checks to see if you need glasses but also the health of your eyes.

Do I need an appointment?
– Yes

Do you have parking?
– Unfortunately it is only street parking.

What type of insurances do you take?
– We take straight Medicare and Medicaid or Medicare and Medicaid with Community Health Group, Care 1st and Molina. We also take most vision insurances like: VSP, Eye Med, MES, VBA, March Vision Care, Superior Vision and we contract with some PPO’s like Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross.

What does my insurance cover?
– We do not check insurances until the day of the appointment, however if there is a need for the patient to know beforehand, they can call their insurance company who are more than happy and equipped to answer any questions they might have.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?
– Yes, you will need to bring all of your insurance cards, your current pair of glasses or contact lens brand and a list of any medication you are taking.

At what age should my child have an eye exam?
– By the time children go to kindergarten they should have received at least 3 comprehensive eye exams.

Do I need a referral from my pediatrician?
– No

My son had an eye exam at his pediatrician, why is he having vision problems?
– It’s a common miss conception that a vision screening is the same as a comprehensive eye exam. A child needs a comprehensive eye exam with a specialist to discard any issues with the eyes.

My prescription is the same; I just need new glasses/contacts, why do I need to have a new comprehensive eye exam/contact lens fitting?
– You legally need to obtain a new prescription for glasses or contacts every 1 to 2 years in order to purchase either of these medical devices.

Can I purchase contact lenses with my glasses prescription?
– No, to place an order for contact lenses a person is required to have a valid contact lens prescription that is obtained by going thru a contact lens fitting after having received a comprehensive eye examination.

Do you have prescription sunglasses?
– Yes, we do. A wide variety of sunglasses can be made into prescription sunglasses depending on the prescription.

Do you take outside prescriptions?
– No, we do not accept outside prescriptions, however we will make an exception for patient’s paying cash/out of pocket for their glasses.